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From my soul to yours

No Love is complete without poetry

First Memory

I am two or three years old. Sitting near a big cot in a big yard under the stars. It is a big house or seems to be big as I am very small. My mom is with me and I was trying to help her make the bed. With my tiny hands, I was trying to straighten the folds of the bedsheet. (Till now when I put bed cover on my bed my hands turned as small as three years old and I lovingly crease and clear the folds of the bedsheet as I did on that day.)

After making the bed my mom hugged me and I asked her do you know from where I came? She looked at me and said God has sent you to the hospital and I brought you home. I just looked into her eyes and said no. She asked then from where you came?

I replied I came from very far off from there and I pointed my tiny finger towards the stars.

To my disbelief, I saw a sky full of so many stars. That image is still alive in my eyes. And I said oh! So many I don't know from which one.

This incident still hunting me and I always wonder who I am and from where I came.

The sky, the cot, my mom, and I are still frozen in my memory as if it was yesterday. I smile and wonder every time I think about it from where I came from?

There are many universes, many planets, many stars. We are not even a speck of dust in front of the universe. But still, there is a universe inside us.

Our stars of hopes, our galaxies, our little world, which is only ours.

My Story Doesn’t end here…

Every ending is the beginning of the next journey…


cover Page-01.jpg
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Dry flowers in my book
blooming in my heart

When you believe in me, I believe in myself



You are my pillar of strength.

You are my invisible strength.

Pushing me to strive for perfection.

I Am What I am because of you.

An invisible force.

An invisible strength.

An invisible magnetic resonance.

Pulling me towards it.

Be with me always. 

Because I am nothing without you.

A void, a silence, a tear.

In the absence of you, oh my dear.

Worthy of all the treasure of the earth.

Just be with me, just like this.

In my breath, like fragrance.

In my eyes, like a beautiful dream.

In my heart like a sweet pain.


Butterflies in my stomach.

Soft melodies on my lips.

I strive for more.

I strive for perfection.

My journey is to continue to find out the truth.

the love and to find out myself in the process of finding you, my dear one.

An emotional poetry book expressed multi-faceted womanhood.

Her tender love, care, dreams, longing for love, power, independence, gender equality, and much more.

Overall, a woman's heart and dreams are expressed in my poetry.


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