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My Professional Writer Portfolio


Dry flowers in my book blooming in my heart

Portfolio of Work

Past. Present. Future.

From my soul to yours

No love is complete without poetry

Life is beautiful if we fly on the wings of imagination.

Be true to yourself and others.

Situation and people can change with your good or bad intentions.

Write your own story and take charge of your own life.

You and only you can understand yourself more than anyone else.

Trust in yourself, be passionate and be the creator of your destiny.
Write your own story and take charge of your life.


Cover Page-01.jpg
cover Page-01.jpg

Dry flowers in my book
blooming in my heart

Butterflies in my stomach chasing the fragrance of my soul.

Like a musk deer running and chasing fragrance of his own.

Running behind, which is inside him.

I too was chasing, which is inside me.

Not lost in the woods.

Finally, I found myself.

She is made of rainbow colors.

Sea waves, shining stars.

Fire of the sun

and coolness of

the moon and stars.



Women's Day Article

Choose to challenge

You cannot give up

You cannot give up because it is cold and dark.

You cannot give up because there is no one to talk

You cannot give up because you cannot see hope.

Light is in your heart


Most of the laughs have pain hidden behind it. Remember my dear.

If life is, a bed of roses expects some thorns with it.

Harpreet Caur HC-59

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