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Women's Day Article

Choose to challenge

You cannot give up

You cannot give up because it is cold and dark.

You cannot give up because there is no one to talk

You cannot give up because you cannot see hope.

Light is in your heart

  • Choose to challenge

  • Be the change.

  • Bring change in society.

  • One positive step at a time can make a tremendous difference in your life, in society, in the world.

  • I choose to challenge to bring a difference to everyone's life.


  • I am a woman who is not working.

I want a job and to get financial independence.

So, I choose to challenge myself to study, work hard and update myself to find a suitable job to be financially independent.

One small step toward a change.


  • I am a woman physically disable or partially disable.

Disable people find it difficult to get a job.

So, I am choosing to challenge to break the norms of disability.

I challenge myself to get a job of my choice.

Instead of getting benefits from the government, I choose to challenge myself to earn the money with dignity.

One more step towards a better change.


  • I am transgender.

In society, we don't have respect and dignity.

I choose to challenge that instead of begging,

I will fight for my rights of finding a job and earning my money with dignity.

One more step towards a better change.


  • I am a homemaker.

In India and most Asian countries when you ask women what do they do, they say they are homemakers. (which is a 24/7 job)

I choose to challenge changing the norms of society and using my talent, skills, and education to contribute to society by finding a job and earning money for my family.

I have a right to fulfill my dreams, ambitions, and goals.

Why can't we reverse the roles?

Women can work and men can take care of the home and children as per the situations and circumstances.


It is again a matter of choosing the challenge to reverse the roles.

We can choose to challenge to change the norms of the stereotype society.

In the new life-changing structure of society, we have the power to bring change and make a difference in society's structure.

We can bring a change in our life, in our region, in our county, and the world.

I pledge to choose the challenge to bring the difference in my life, in others' lives, in society, and the world.

One more step towards a better change.

  • I am a working woman;

I have to do a double job. First taking care of the family needs, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, and other responsibilities towards the household.

Once I do my duties towards my family, I will concentrate on my carrier, personal growth, ambition.


We have to change this perception of the society where the husband is working and women take care of the home.

As per the situation, women can work and earn money to take care of the family. The husband can take care of the home children and other family needs.


We have to bring a change in our society to accept this change We choose to challenge to bring this change in the society and make a better tomorrow for gender equality.

One more step towards a better change.


  • Women who are in the profession are trying to bring change to society.

Women who are in technology, data science, women in pharmacy, doctors, nurses, pilots, businesswomen, women who are leaders, social reformers, CEO of the companies are changing the stereotype image of women.

When we talk about or think about the role of women.

The first thought that comes to mind is family, home, children, responsibilities as a wife, mother, daughter towards her home, and family.

The foremost duty of a woman is to fulfill the needs of their family and make them comfortable.

We have to change this in a better way. All family members, husband, and grown-up children must contribute toward the household chores so that women should be able to concentrate towards her health, her ambition, and growth.

As a family, we all have an equal responsibility towards home.

One more step towards a better change.


Dear women

Life is a constant journey. Ever-changing. Teaching you, teasing you, and making you strong and wise at every step.

Don't underestimate the power of women, nature, love, and God.

You have a right to dream High. Chase your dreams and fulfill them. Shine, my dear.

I want to remind you _ "You" are enough.

Just you as you are.

Happy Women's Day. - Be the woman of your dreams.


Today's women are excelling in all fields, improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They are not losing their uniqueness, they are utilizing their uniqueness. They are not following men or trying to copy men. They are building a society that is better for the generation to come. Here we are not competing with men or trying to say we are better than men. Both men and women have unique qualities, energy, and capabilities. We should respect each other and build a better society for the next generation.


Women need support self-motivation, ambition, efforts, and power to face the odds of life.

Society is not very kind and supportive of women. They have to be better than a man to survive. They have to think like a man and also act like a man to survive. 

They have to prove themselves at every single step.



A woman has to prove herself to become successful. Family support is very important because she has to do many roles and pass many hurdles to become successful. 


I am fire, I will burn old and recreate new. As a lightworker, my role has just started.


A little poem about a Woman.

I was standing on the road.

And thinking, what next?

Cold, dark, scary, lonely nights.

I look at my shadow and realize.

I don't need the light.

I am the light.


Life is nothing but to connect with your inner being.

Your inner being is your guide, mentor, your true friend.

I live by example.

I am a doer, not a preacher.

I do not preach; I prove.

I have tried and tested my strong will many times.

I live by example.

People can vouch for my honesty, sincerity, and hard work. 

I am a hero in my family and in my own eyes. 

That matters most to me.


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